Boulder Taekwon Do Class History


The Boulder Taekwon-Do (BTKD) club, formerly "CU Taekwon- Do Club" has been in Boulder since September, 1966. The head instructor is Mr. Jonas Pologe, 8th Degree Black Belt, International Taekwon Do.

Boulder Taekwon Do, formerly the C.U. Taekwon-Do club, began on the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado in 1966. It was founded by Mr. David Kang in September of that year, and he remained the instructor until 1972. One of Mr. Kang's two original students, Mr. Walt Lang, took over as head instructor in 1972, and coached the club through the period from 1972 until 1985. Mr. Lang took a brief sojourn from CU, care of the United States Navy, between 1970-1972 and was away during 1979 leaving Mr. John Sharrah to teach the class in his absence. Mr. Lang is still thought of by many as the driving force behind the creation of the current Boulder Taekwon Do class. Mr. Lang is currently a 9th degree black belt living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The picture below shows a typical CU Taekwon-Do class from 1986.The martial arts were particularly popular at that time and every college student wanted to participate!

Lang's Gang

"Lang's Gang" Circa 1986

When Mr. Lang moved to Albuquerque, Mr. Rob Tobin, a student since 1973 and an assistant instructor since 1978, took over as head instructor. Master Tobin ran and taught at the club until he tragically died of leukaemia in 2003. At this point, Master Tobin's head student of many years, Mr. Jonas Pologe took over the club. In 2004, the club was no longer able to use the facilities at the University of Colorado and moved to another location. The club was renamed Boulder Taekwon-Do in January 2004. Mr. Pologe tested to Master Instructor, 7th Degree in December 2003 and was promoted by the head of the United States Taekwon Do Federation, Charles E. Sereff, to 8th Degree in March 2010.


From left to right: Walter .L Lang, Gen. Choi Hong Hi, Charles E. Sereff, Robert M. Tobin

The photo above was taken in 1990 and shows the lineage of Boulder Taekwon-Do instructors. General Choi, the father and founder of Taekwon Do (2nd from left) trained Grand Master instructor Charles E. Sereff (3rd from the left), who trained Grand Master Walter L. Lang (left), who trained Master instructor, Robert M. Tobin, (right) who trained Master Instructor Jonas A. Pologe (Not in photo).

After Mr. Tobin passed away Mr. Pologe continued to train with Mr. Serreff for nearly the next 10 years until he resigned from the United States Taekwon Do Federation. Mr. Pologe continues to teach and train under with various other instructors in the Colorado area, and, as always, with his students in Boulder Taekwon Do.