Senior Instructors of Boulder Taekwon Do

Jonas A. Pologe

Paul J. Hultgren

Mr. Jonas A. Pologe, VIII Degree, Master Instructor

Jonas A. Pologe
Mr. Pologe was introduced to the martial arts in 1970 when he was befriended by a Judo instructor in the local YMCA in New Jersey. This brief introduction led him to seek out instruction in the martial arts and his Taekwon-Do career began in 1973 at The George Washington University under the instruction of Master Instructor, Soo Young Cha, who was an early student of General Choi, the father of Taekwon-Do. Mr. Pologe trained and competed in Washington DC, New Jersey, and Boston, under a variety of different instructors and styles of Taekwon-Do before moving to Boulder Colorado in 1980. After searching for the best the area had to offer in Taekwon-Do instruction, Mr. Pologe found Mr. Walt Lang of the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF). He was teaching at the University of Colorado and Mr. Pologe was struck by the excellent technique of the students and the quality of the instruction. He joined this class immediately and trained under Mr. Walt Lang until he turned the class over to his senior student, Mr. Rob Tobin in 1985.

Robert M. Tobin

Master Instructor, Robert M. Tobin

Mr. Pologe continued to train under Mr. Tobin until, tragically, in 2003, Mr. Tobin died of Leukemia. In a ceremony orchestrated by Mr. Tobin himself, and performed after his passing, Mr. Tobin's Katana was passed on to Mr. Pologe along with the responsibility for the care and instruction of the University of Colorado Taekwon-Do club. Mr. Pologe had been the head student and assistant instructor for Mr. Tobin for the previous 18 years and now moved into the position of head instructor. At the start of 2004 the class moved to the Flatiron Athletic Club in Boulder and with its new location gained new energy and a new name. It became Boulder Taekwon-Do.

Testing to Master Instructor in December of 2003, Mr. Pologe became the 32nd Master Instructor in the USTF, dedicated to carrying on the art of Taekwon-Do as created by General Choi and taught to him by General Choi, Mr. CE Sereff, Grand Master Instructor and the president of the USTF, Mr. Lang, Mr. Tobin, and Mr. Cha, over more than 40 years of dedicated training in the art.

Instructor Chain

From left to right, Walter L. Lang, General Choi Chong Hi, Charles Emmett Sereff, and Robert M. Tobin

Promoted 8th degree Master Instructor in March 2010, Mr. Pologe has a collection of skills and interests that extend outside the martial arts. He is an electrical engineer, designer, and inventor in the field of medical devices, a skier, climber, and scuba diver, and as a hobby studies wildlife biology. Mr. Pologe met his wife, Dr. Irene Schauer, in 1987 and they were married in 1993. She is his greatest source of strength and peace and selflessly supports him in all his endeavors including the long hours he dedicates to Taekwon-Do.

Mishindi  & Mr. Pologe

Mr.Pologe shares a quiet moment with a friend.

It is Mr. Pologe's belief that anyone can learn how to perform powerful, and potentially dangerous, techniques but Taekwon-Do and a good instructor can teach a dedicated student how to grow, find his or her own path, and gain a measure of peace with the world.

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Dr. Robert D. Ito, VII Degree, Master Instructor Instructor

Ito Low Block
Born in 1953, Robert Ito obtained his PhD in physical chemistry in 1983 and a Master of Science in Computer Science in 1989 at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Dr. Ito's interest in the martial arts perhaps goes back to childhood, when his parents would take him and his three sisters to Japanese movies (often Kurosawa's classic samurai movies). While there had been some curiosity about learning self-defense for a long time, his interest was finally piqued during a trip home for Christmas in 1985, when he went with one of his sisters to watch her taekwondo class. (She reached the rank of brown belt in Jhoon Rhee's taekwondo organization.)

Returning to Colorado after the holidays, he happened upon a table in the University of Colorado student union, where the CU Taekwondo club (now Boulder TKD) was handing out coupons for free classes. He tried his first class in January of 1986, and to make a long story short, has been training continuously ever since then under the club's head instructors, master instructors Rob Tobin and then Jonas Pologe. The quality of instruction is one reason for all the years of training. Also, taekwondo is excellent training for both mind and body, always with new things to learn, and there are all the people you meet in the larger family of this martial art.

Ito SK Break
Dr. Ito also trained under Grand Master C. E. Sereff, President of the United States Taekwondo Federation, for over twenty years, spending many Wednesday evenings at the gym in Broomfield, and working out with many high-ranking black belts.

Dr. Ito also had the privilege of training at several seminars taught by General Choi Hong Hi himself, including the final seminar the General taught even though he was, at the time, terminally ill with cancer.

Very few students in anything are as dedicated in their training as Dr. Ito. In the 30 plus years that he has been active in the martial arts he has only on very rare occasions missed a class and virtually never been late. In fact he is so consistent that just to tease him one evening we started class early (when Dr. Ito had not yet arrived) just so he could have the experience of being late! Dr. Ito’s dedication to the art and depth of knowledge in Taekwon Do are an excellent example to all TKD students.

Ito SK Break

Dr. Ito being promoted to VII Degree, Master Instructor, by Mr. Pologe on 5/18/2015.

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Mr. Paul J. Hultgren, VI Degree, Assistant Instructor

Pologe & 
Mr. Hultgren became curious about the martial arts after watching demonstrations on television in 1965. The interest persisted, and later his roommate and he joined the university judo club. As his martial arts interest developed, he became intrigued with Taekwon-Do. In 1971, he began training at Iowa State University under Master Instructor Mook Kim who was trained by General Choi Hong Hi, the father of Taeakwon-Do, in the Republic of Korea Army. After graduate school, moving to Colorado, and developing his career, Mr. Hultgren returned to Taekwon-Do in 1989. He encouraged his friend, who was a police officer, to consider martial arts training, and together they joined a local Taekwon-Do class affiliated with the United States Taekwon-Do Federation (USTF) at Front Range College. After observing students at testing and in tournaments from other USTF classes, Mr. Hultgren visited a USTF class at the University of Colorado taught by Mr. Rob Tobin and senior student Mr. Jonas Pologe. He was impressed by the instruction, technique, and instructor-student interactions, and he asked Mr. Tobin's permission to join class that evening. Mr. Hultgren has trained under Mr. Rob Tobin and later under Mr. Jonas Pologe since 1990.

Hultgren Winegar

Mr. Hultgren receiving some one-on-one instruction from Grand Master Instructor, Mike Winegar

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