Boulder Taekwon Do may be the longest continually running martial arts class in Boulder, CO. Founded in 1966 at the University of Colorado, under the name CU Taekwon Do, it continues today under the name Boulder Taekwon Do. Taekwon Do is a hard-style Korean martial art that's known for its real and powerful hand and foot techniques. In addition to being an effective form of self defense, the practice of Taekwon Do is an excellent way to condition both the body and the mind.

Boulder Taekwon Do trains and teaches under the Taekwon Do style created by the founder of Taekwon Do, General Choi Hong Hi.

Class information

Boulder Taekwon Do trains at:
Way of the Crane Martial Arts
1925 55th St
Boulder, CO 80301
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Classes are 7:00PM to 8:40PM Mondays and Thursdays

Classes are $65/mo
There are additional costs for testings and equipment. All costs are assessed only to cover the cost of operations. Our focus is on excellence in Taekwon Do!

Information for New Students

New students are always welcomed and can join at anytime. If you are new to the martial arts or to Taekwon Do, just come to the club at class time with sweat pants and a t-shirt and say hello to any of the students. They will all be happy to help get you oriented. You are also welcome to come in and just watch a class. There are no contracts to sign or equipment that you need to buy to get started. If you train for a few weeks and find that our class suits your needs then you can order a uniform from our equipment person. If you would like any additional information before you start please feel free to wander this web site, or just go to the Contact page for the email address to contact us. Come on in and give it a try!

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